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Star MicronicsCE Part #
AMB-06 CEMB335Y155-408C400W120R
CMB-06 CECB225W145-408C400PR
CMB-12 CECB225W145-915C400PR
CMB-24 CECB225W145-127C400PR
HMB-06 CEEB160B140-408C22P7.6LHR
HMB-12 CEEB160B140-815C22P7.6LHR
KMB-06 CECB225W145-408C400PR
MAA-03AL60B CEM-OB3015-2JAD443C43W60HR
MLT-03CHN CET085L030-17-204-27MHR
MLT-03HH CEET085M040-17-204-27MHR
MLT-03GC CET085L040-17-204-27MHR
MNT-03A CET090K045-16-205-27MHR
MQT-03D CET085L030-17-204-27MHR
MRT-03A CET075L025-17-204-27MHR
MUT-01A CEET140L030-09-102-32MHR
MUT-03A CEET140L030-18-204-32MHR
MYT-03A CET100L035-18-204-28MHR
NDT-03C CES151504S08M800MR
NFT-03C CEET050M030-17-204-40MHR
PMB-06 CEMB400Y195-408C400TR
PMB-12 CEMB400Y195-816C400TR
PMB-24 CEMB400Y195-228C400TR
PMX-04B CET120D075-65-103-27P65HR
QCL-03A CET090B040-15-205-26W60HR
QCP-03A CET090B040-20-205-27P4HR
QFP-03A CEET140B050-40-104-20P7.6LHR
QMB-01 CEET160B140-27-103-20P7.6LHR
QMB-06 CEET160B140-50-408-20P7.6LHR
QMB-06D CEET160B140-50-408-20P7.6LHR
QMB-12 CEET160B140-115-915-20P7.6LHR
QMB-12S/L CEET160B140-115-915-20P7.6LHR
QMB-105PX CET120B054-50-102-20P65HR
QMB-111PC CEET120B085-120-407-20P6.5HR
QMB-111PXI CEET120B085-50-103-20P6.5HR
QMB-111PXN CEET120B085-50-103-20P6.5HR
QMX-05 CET120B090-47-308-24P6.5LHR
QMX-12 CET120B090-140-615-24P6.5LHR
RMB-06 CEMB264I176-408C400W150R
RMB-12 CEMB260I176-716C400W150R
RMX-06 CET160B145-45-312-20P76LHR
SCG-16A CS160D032AF08SMN780UHR
SMB-06 CEMB335Y155-408C400W120R
SMB-12 CEMB335Y155-915C400W120R
SMB-24 CEMB335Y155-527C400W120R
SMX-01 CET1410W10-16-102-20P65LHR
SMX-06 CET1410W10-60-310-20P65LHR
SMX-12 CET1410W10-120-615-20P65LHR
TMB-05 CEEB120B095-407C23P7.6LHR
TMB-12 CEEB120B095-816C23P7.6LHR
TMX-06S CEET250B125-36-308-10P10.2LHR
TMX-06 No Label CEET250B125-36-308-10P10.2LHR
TMX-12S CEET250B125-120-814-10P10.2LHR
TMX-05H CEMT250B125-5C15PLR
TMX-12H CEMT250B125-12C15PLR
TFM-03X CEPT345I090-130-11W120R
YMB-06 CEMB26K197-06C04PR
YMB-12 CEMB26K197-12C04PR
YMB-24 CEMB26K197-24C04PR
Star MicronicsCE Part #


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