MEMs Microphones Pinpoint Alert Enclosure Design

Turn Your Manufacturing Challenges Into Opportunities

Global manufacturing is full of opportunities – and challenges. Change is a constant. So the challenges keep coming and the opportunities are in the innovations and refinements in miniaturization, efficiency, durability and the continuous advances in manufacturing processes.


engineering services

Challenge Electronics makes audio components louder, smaller, more energy efficient, more rugged and more cost effective.

We make audio components with standard and customized mechanical, electrical and audio characteristics. We offer engineering design services and bring extensive manufacturing experience to the challenge of making your products better.

If finding a better source for audio components is the key to unlocking your opportunities, look at our latest products on our New Products page and home pages in each product group.


manufacturing services

Challenge Electronics is a lean, flexible and dedicated audio component resource for some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

We offer value-added services that can deliver parts pre-assembled and customized for your manufacturing requirements. We also offer supply chain management services to meet your operational challenges.

If a leaner, more capable, source for audio components is the key to unlocking your opportunities, see some examples of customized products on our Value-Added Services page.


June 2019
Welcome Arotech, Inc. our new sales rep. in Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Nevada

Feb 2019
Welcome Electra Reps our new sales rep. in Texas, Lousianna, Arkansas and Oklahoma


Feb 22, 2019
Oval Speaker:

Jan 14, 2019
Round Speaker:



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