Engineering Department

Our application engineers are specialists in audible technology. Their in-depth knowledge about pitch, quality and loudness and how these relate to conditions found within the environment can make a vast difference in the success of your product development or production.

This division’s entire purpose is to assist your staff in reaching the value final product of your organization within the most efficient expenditure of time and money. We are often called upon to act as liaison between your product design team and original factory engineers in order to accelerate the product development cycle, and it is quite common for us to be involved with innovations that lead to new industry standards affecting product material, packaging, or construction.

Each and every customer program is regarded with priority and security. All supporting documentation we generate are managed according to the most stringent security protocols and we provide electronic files in either MS Word, Excel, DWG, DXF, DWT and PDF formats for your convenience.

Engineering Change Notices
2021-08-06 CE-ECN-080621-TDB05LFPN The PN printing method for the TDB05LFPN has been updated from screen print to laser print.
2021-06-07 CE-ECN-060721-CT12 The PN printing method has been updated from color print to laser print for the listed parts.
2021-06-04 CE-ECN-060421-CSPT12A03-4.0F The PN printing method for the CSPT12A03-4.0F has been updated from color print to laser print.
2019-06-13 CE-ECN-061319-5060CE-1 The original speaker frame is replaced with a black-colored variant of the same frame.
2018-09-07 CE-ECN-090718-PANEL-MOUNT ALARMS Update ring nut part and drawing to new thickness and height to increase shear strength.
2018-08-30 CE-ECN-083018-PANEL-MOUNT ALARMS As of 9/15/2018, all front panel mount alarm ring nuts with be manufactured according to this ECN which improves reliability, but remains compatible with the prior ECN.
2018-03-11 CE-ECN-031218-PANEL-MOUNT ALARMS As of date code 17335, all front panel mount alarm ring nuts and housings are not compatible with ring nuts and housings of earlier date codes.
End-of-Life Notices
2022-08-05 CE-EOL-080522-CS28-00T50-03-1 The CS28-00T50-03-1 (Former PN: CES280R035BA8SMN500PR) will no longer be supported and has been replaced with the CS28-00T50-05-2 .
2022-06-21 See Below A number of our 15x11 mm Mobile Speakers are EOL. See below for listing and alternatives.
2021-07-21 CE-EOL-072721-CES180S048AE08PMS500UR The CS19-00S57-04-1 (Former PN: CES180S048AE08PMS500UR) will no longer be supported and has been replaced with the CS18-01S100-05-1.
2021-05-27 CE-EOL-052621A-CT15P-25S410-1 The CT15P-25S410-1 will no longer be supported and has been replaced with the CT11P-25S410-2.


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