Unit Conversions

Convert between metric and imperial units.

Metric-Imperial Converter

Calculate PPM of a substance within a product.

Parts-Per-Million Calculator
Acoustic Calculators

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) drops according to the inverse square law. This tool calculates the attenuation at any distance given a known SPL at a known distance.

Distance Attenuation Calculator

Determine SPL of a sound based on PSI.

dB Calculator

Calculate the SPL gain going from an initial power to a final power.

dB Gain Calculator

Calculate Helmholtz Resonance

Helmholtz Calculator

Calculate the wavelength/frequency in different mediums.

Sound Wavelength Calculator

Calculate the sound absorption property for different materials.

Sound Absorption Calculator

Calculate the change in frequency observed from a source or observer in motion.

Doppler Effect Calculator
Electrical Calculators

Calculate Power/Wattage of a circuit. Enter any 2 parameters to get the rest.

Power Calculator

Calculate the RMS Value of the waveform.

RMS Voltage Calculator

Calculate the Resonant Frequency of an LC circuit.

Resonant Frequency Calculator

Calculate cutoff frequency or determine resistance/capacitance values to achieve desired cutoff frequency for filter circuits.

Cutoff Frequency Calculator

Calculate the Resistor and Voltage values of a Voltage Divider Circuit.

Voltage Divider Calculator

Calculate the Current Flow of a Parallel Circuit

Current Divider Calculator


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